Unified Comms & Networks Services


Unified Communication and Network Services

Our unified communication and network services provide you with a better solution to automate business processes. With a unified IT strategy we help your business improve productivity and expedite workflow by increasing mobility regardless of location, network or devices. We specialize in targeting information, Voice (IP telephony), Audio, Video, Internet Services, be it in-house or contract(Singtel).



Our service includes:

  • Outsourcing of Network and Field Engineers
  •  Supplying of Raw Materials
  • Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of the Network Services
  • Providing an Exchange Center for Clients
  •  Courier Services and Delivery that requires simple IT installation
  •  Video and Audio Telecommunication Services
  • Supply Control Centre for operations needs with manpower
  • Structured Cabling Solution
    • Plan and lay the cables along the ceiling edges of your home/office
    • Estimation of data points requirements
    • Construction of data points

All of our certified engineers are trained by Singtel and well versed in all discipline areas of network services. Our commitment to customers satisfaction has always been our number one priority and we are driven by our desire to provide quality services and products.